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About us

What is the Innovation Hub and what is its purpose?

The Innovation Hub is an initiative of the CNB undertaken with the aim of providing non-binding and informal support to business entities developing an innovative fintech product or service. It is also a communication and information platform where queries are answered, information is provided, opinions are exchanged and explanations are given related to fintech within the CNB's competence.

Who is the Innovation Hub intended for?

The Innovation Hub is intended for all business entities that are developing or have developed a technological innovation related to the provision of banking or payment services, regardless of whether they have been previously authorised by the CNB to provide a particular type of service.

Why has the CNB established the Innovation Hub?

In performing its tasks, the CNB follows market trends and their impact on the stability of the financial system. The CNB's intention is to provide assistance in understanding regulatory requirements in the light of growing interest in developing innovation in the area of banking and payment services from financial market participants and other business entities.