Are you a company developing innovations in the area of banking or payment services? Do you have questions related to regulatory requirements?
Are you a company developing innovations in the area of banking or payment services? Do you have questions related to regulatory requirements?
Please fill in and submit the contact form.
Please fill in and submit the contact form.
How to contact the CNB Innovation Hub?

You can contact the Innovation Hub by filling in and submitting the contact form available in the 'Contact us' section.

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In what way does the Innovation Hub provide support?

The Innovation Hub responds to queries of business entities and exchanges fintech-related information within the CNB's competence. In addition to written communication, we may contact you by phone or invite you to a meeting in order to learn more about your business case, which will, in turn, enable us to provide you with adequate support or appropriate guidelines.

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When can you expect our reply?

Depending on the content and complexity of the query, we will make every effort to reply within the shortest time possible.

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In what areas/cases can I turn to the Innovation Hub?

The Innovation Hub provides support in the application of the regulatory framework within the CNB's areas of competence, i.e. supervision, oversight and licensing with regard to innovations related to the provision of banking or payment services. If you are a developer of innovative solutions in the area of non-banking financial products and services, please turn to the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA). More information is available at

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Am I obliged to turn to the Innovation Hub?

You are not obliged to contact the Innovation Hub; however, business entities are liable for the legality and compliance of their operation. You may contact the Innovation Hub if you are not certain whether it is necessary to obtain a license by the CNB for the activity you intend to perform. Providing banking or payment services which require a license without previously obtaining one is considered a misdemeanour.

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Who is the Innovation Hub not intended for?

The Innovation Hub is not intended for business ideas in the initial stage of development or for general fintech-related queries. Furthermore, the Innovation Hub does not provide advice related to fintech business ventures and it does not provide legal, tax or other business-related consulting services. Before turning to the Innovation Hub it is necessary to develop a business model related to innovations in the area of banking or payment services.

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What are the principles on which the Innovation Hub is based?

The Innovation Hub is based on the following principles:

  • communication confidentiality (the information and documents received by business entities are treated as confidential),
  • communication informality (the communicated views and opinions are preliminary, nonbinding and informal),
  • specificity (communication is related to a specific case and communicated views and opinions may change in line with new insights, business circumstances or changes in the wider regulatory framework),
  • timeliness of reply (depending on the content and the complexity of the query, every effort will be made to reply within the shortest time possible).
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The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the CNB


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